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Which side am I on? Three Apps to Help You Track Your Breastfeeding

It seems there’s an app for just about everything these days!

Yet, I was still surprised when I learned that there are apps to help us breastfeeding moms keep track of which side we last nursed on!

(Or if you bottle feed or do a combination, there are features within these apps for keeping track of that, too.)

Forget the hair tie on the wrist or the clip on the bra strap, just turn on your doo-hickey (my awesome fun word for whatever kind of device you use for apps) and log it in! It’s like data entry, only better…

There are a lot of apps out there, so I tried a few to see what they were all about, how easy they were to use, whether or not I remembered to use them, and if they were in fact helpful. I tried three apps.

Here’s what I found:

Baby Daybook - daily tracker

by DrillyApps

This one was by far my favorite! It is easy to set up and use. The app can track many things, like breastfeeding (sides and duration), bottle feeding, solid food feeding, diaper changes, sleeping times, bath time, tummy time, medicine, temperature, etc…etc…you can even type in a miscellaneous activity.

All of the times can be adjusted so that you can enter activities after the fact, which is really helpful when you are like me, sleep deprived and trying to keep up with multiple children!

You can even use it to keep track of all your children. You can add their photos (in case you forget their names…don’t judge, we’ve all done it!), and customize the screen colors.

I made a page for each one of my kids and I have found the app to be useful to track items even for my big kids, like when they took their last shower.

And best of all, it’s free! There is an upgrade which gives you access to statistics for around $2-$3.


by WhisperArts

This is a useful app if all you need to track is breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby. You can track which side you nursed on and for how long or you can track bottle feeding amount and duration.

The app also has statistics which compiles all the nursing times and amounts into an easy to read total.

The only drawback that I had with this app is that it says in the app description that it can track the feeding of multiple babies, but this feature did not show up when I downloaded it.

It is also free!  Unfortunately, once my baby is all done nursing, this app will become obsolete.

BabyCare - Log and Tracker

by bingzer

This is an app that can track a lot of things. It is pretty much identical to Baby Daybook in that you can track breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diaper changes, sleeping times, and there are still useful categories for when your kids grow up and stop nursing and are out of diapers. Among these are bathing, medicines, temperature, Dr.s visits, all of which can be used with older kids.

This app can also track multiple kids. You can upload each child's photo and customize their screen.

What sets this app apart from all the rest, is it's clean, simple look and feel.

This app is free with possible upgrades for statistics for just a few dollars.


I really enjoyed trying out these apps, but I still forgot sometimes to put in the information!  I do think that having an app available is awesome and I am going to keep Baby Daybook - daily tracker
by DrillyApps
installed on my device.

Besides using it to track breastfeeding, the next time my kids are sick I am definitely using an app to track their temperatures, medicines given, and when they sleep or eat.  I usually keep track of these items in my family notebook, but an app will be a lot easier!

What ways do you keep track of which side you last breastfed from?  Please comment below!


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