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Time To Doll Yourself Up! Week #4 Happy Mom Box

Wow, what a holiday rush! Last week was week #4 of the Happy Mom box, and I gotta tell ya, I skipped it! Yep, I had just too much going on with Christmas and all that I literally had no time to schedule it in, so we are just going to continue on with week #4, this week! And what I pulled out of my Happy Mom Box was:

Try a new hairstyle and do your make-up!

Yes! I love trying out new hair-do’s! And my daily make-up consists of mascara and lip gloss, so I will have to doll myself up a bit more than that, just for fun.

I have long hair that is mostly straight with a bit of a wave to it. I gave myself layers a couple of months ago, by doing the upside-down pony-tail trick. Ever heard of that?  If you haven’t, this is the video that I used as a guide, by tashlentine,  followed by another video of a more professional way to cut your own hair in soft layers, by Jessica Rumbaugh:

I LOVE to fix up my hair in braids and bun variations.  I will probably pick something like that from my Pinterest board, “Braids and Hairdo’s”. You can check out my board below:

Braids & Hair-do’s!

I usually need a good reason to take the time to do my hair, like date night or something. My hubby and I used to take Tango lessons and go out Tango dancing once a month before I had my youngest daughter, who is now 7 months old.  Needless to say, "Date night" does not exist for us right now, and my Tango shoes have not seen a dance floor in a little over 8 months—:(
But, with New Year’s Eve right around the corner, I think that will be a great night to get a little dolled up, especially since we are having a few people over to play Magic: The Gathering at our house to ring in the new year! (Any other Magic players out there?)

I will take pictures to show you all my new hair-do and make-up.

For make-up inspiration and how-to’s, I like to watch The Make-up Chair on You Tube.  Here is a great tutorial for beginner eye make-up:

Now, it’s time for us to get outta our sweats and take down our plain pony-tails!


If you are following along with me, schedule a day this week that you are going to make time to try a new hairstyle and do your make-up. If you are picking out your own Happy Mom Box activity, share what you picked and how you are going to schedule it into your week in the comments section below!

Cheers, to Happy Moms Everywhere!
And a Happy New Year!


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