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Summer Burnout

My daughter leaned over my shoulder yesterday while I was changing her baby sister’s diaper and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if she just peed in your face?!” I can’t wait for her to go back to school, but oh, wait–we’re homeschooling this year!

Every summer vacation there comes a point when I just really want summer to be over and school to start up so that I can have peace and quiet again. This year will mark the first summer vacation where my sanity will not be saved by my kids returning to the public school system, instead I will have to figure out ways to endure the painful comments about pee and poop and not burn out on my children’s company before our homeschool year even begins.

Any ideas?

I’m all ears…

Actually, a magical thing happened this afternoon…I decided to limit T.V. (actually Amazon Prime) time to zip, zilch, nada during the week and only allow my kids to watch shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays…

Initially, this idea was met with an exhaustive amount of, “I’m boooooorrrr-eddddd!” but then my children eventually found something to do:

they found a lady bug and observed it for a while–that was cool

then they decided to dig a big hole in the middle of the back yard–not as cool, but better than T.V.

I feel confident with a little patience we will all make it through ’till the end of summer.  I have lots of books to read, a few that I’ve finished and plan on sharing with you all, and my final curriculum haul is coming in the mail in the next week or so.

Definitely plenty to keep me busy, but what about them?!!!

How about you all?  Your kids driving you crazy?  What do you do to make the most of the last month of summer vacation?

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Mozey is a mother of four and a wife of twelve years. She enjoys making awesome DIY skincare concoctions and healthy home remedies. When She is not breast-feeding, changing diapers, or doing chores, she is usually talking to other moms about breast-feeding, poop, and how to get your kids to do chores!


  1. Get Outside! Go on a hike, adventure to the beach, check out a new playground! If you gotta stay home…try new foods, read a new book series together. Everything is more fun when it’s done with the people you love. Good Luck and hang in there.

  2. Patricia Craven

    Since you are homeschooling, you can build in breaks during the week and month and year, whenever you want them! 🙂 Also, have a day when your children run the house, and you be the kid…They know how to make meals, and they can decide who does what particular role, such as who cooks breakfast and helps mom find stuff to do. For lunch and dinner, for example, they can switch roles, and they’ll be very creative, I’m sure. Remember to allow them to do a chore or three. Be sure to complain (at least once) that you’re “boooooooorrrrrreddddd”, to give them the challenge of finding stuff for you to do. This could be a hoot ! ~ Love, Mom


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