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Serums, Teethers, & Books, Oh! My! My Favorite Things for December 2015

Happy December! 


This months, My Favorite Things, Eight on the Eighth, is hopefully not only a useful list, but also a fun gift giving list for the holistically minded parent, spouse, or friend. 

My little girl, May, just got her first tooth yesterday!  So, you guessed it!  My first couple of favorite things have to do with teething and how to soothe those sore little gums, so you can sleep, (oops!) I mean your little one can sleep...(then you can sleep...when they sleep... sleep sounds really, really good, doesn't it?).

Anyway, there's some gems on this list:  an amazing tincture to improve your iron levels, an anti-aging skin serum, one of my favorite holiday cook books, and the best hair brush and hair elastics!  At the very end is a great video about how to care for long hair by one of my favorite You Tube channels, holistichabits.

Maybe some of my favorite things might turn into your favorite things? 

Could happen, you never know...


My Favorite Teething Oil

Gum-Omile Oil

by Herbs For Kids

Gum-Omile Oil is my absolute favorite teething remedy for sore little gums.  It works so well and I feel good using it because of it's safe herbal ingredients.  It uses a combination of Willow Bark Extract, Chamomile Flowers Extract, and Essential Oil of Clove Bud to numb and soothe the gums, all in an almond and Vitamin E oil base.

The first time you use this on your little one's gums she may react with a funny face to the taste of the Clove oil, but within a few seconds she will be used to it and her gums will be numb.  It is really easy to apply.  It comes with an applicator wand and you can either use that or just put a drop on your finger-tip and rub it on the effected gums.  I prefer to use my finger so that I can apply it exactly where she is teething.  You only need ONE drop!  A little goes a LONG way!

I have even used this Gum-Omile Oil to soothe my own teeth when I had an infected tooth!


My New Favorite Teething Toy

Bpa-free Natural Rubber Teether Toy

By Natursutten

This is my new favorite teether.  My daughter's Great Aunt sent her this toy and she absolutely loves it, and so do I!  Thank you, Auntie!

It is BPA-Free and made out of natural rubber so I don't worry about her sucking on plastic that leaches harmful chemicals.  It is easy to wash.  It has a nice hole in the middle so it is easy for her to grasp and for me to attach to the rings on my baby Sling (I use a Maya Wrap, by the way) by way of links or whatnots.


Alcohol Free ChlorOxygen

by Herbs Etc

I love ChlorOxygen, by Herbs Etc !  This tincture is awesome!  It uses chlorophyll from Nettles to enhance your body's natural iron storing capabilities.  Chlorophyll helps your body build red blood cells and increase oxygen to your blood (Nat'l. Supplements Health Guide, n.d.). 

I started using Chloroxygen when I was pregnant with my fourth child, May, when my iron level was too low.  I was having fainting spells and felt very lightheaded.  Within two weeks of taking Chloroxygen, my iron level increased and was where it needed to be!  The lightheaded feeling and fainting spells stopped.  I felt energized and my skin looked more vibrant!

One funny thing to note, about using ChlorOxygen, is that since it is so green... I mean really really green... your stool will turn green also!  And... I also found that my stool was nice and fluffy and my pregnancy constipation was no more!  No need for oatmeal and prunes everyday... just a shot of chlorophyll and you're good to go, literally! 

I still take ChlorOxygen every day, even though I am no longer pregnant.  I notice when I take it that I have more energy and my skin has a nice healthy glow.

I love this anti-aging serum by Keys Soap.  It is light and smells nice and I feel like I can use it day or night.  It uses Forsythia fruit extract to deliver betulinic acid to the skin which is used to treat a number of skin ailments, such as acne, boils, and carbuncles (Chinese Herbs Healing,n.d.) and it has anti-cancer properties (Fulda, S., 2008)!

I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I use this serum.  My skin feels supple and looks amazing!  I get compliments all day about how nice my skin looks since I started using Keys skin care products!

(My most favorite Keys product, which was featured in last months Favorite Things, is their Eye Butter)

You can read that post here:  Oils, Tinctures, and Books, Oh! My!, My Favorite Things for November.


One of My Favorite Holiday Cook Books

Giada's Family Dinners

by Giada De Laurentiis

Oh, I love this cook book!  There are so many yummy dishes that I want to make.  So far, everything I have made from this cook book has been incredible.

Because of this book, about two years ago I started a Christmas tradition, where I make a dairy-free version of Giada's Mocha Semifreddo (because I am allergic to cow's milk).  Semifreddo is an Italian frozen custard dessert on an almond cookie crust.  I have to make the almond cookies from scratch and do a lot of substitutions to make it dairy-free, but it is well worth the extra effort.  My whole family loves this dessert and gets really excited as we get closer and closer to Christmas day!  The best part is that it is a frozen dessert and can be made ahead of time. 

One other awesome feature of this cook book, is that Giada has come up with entire holiday menus.  Menus that can be used for whatever holiday you are celebrating or just a fun family BBQ.  I am always trying to figure out which dish goes well with which other dish, but with Giada's Family Dinners, she has done all that work for me!  Yum Yum Yum.


One Of My Favorite Cough Syrups

Original Sambucus Elderberry Syrup

by Nature's Way


This is a great cough syrup!  Elderberries have been used for centuries to alleviate cold, and flu symptoms (Dr. Mercola, J., n.d.).

Antiviral components of elderberry fruit extract were tested and found to effectively inhibit Human Influenza A (H1N1 virus) in vitro, possibly by blocking the ability of the virus to infect host cells. The extract was so effective, that researchers compared it with the prescription medications Amantadine and Oseltamivir (Tamiflu).---(Roschek, Et al., 2009)

Need I say more?

I have found this Elderberry Syrup to be most effective in the treatment of cough, cold, and flu.  I have also used elderberries to reduce fever by making a strong tea with the dried berries and drinking it throughout the day.  Elderberries should definitely be in your holistic medicine cabinet, in all forms, such as: syrups, tinctures, and teas... Just sayin'.


My New Favorite Hair Elastics


by Burlybands

These Burlybands are by far the BEST hair elastics I have ever used!  I have really thick, heavy hair and my hair ties are always breaking!  They break because they are not strong enough to hold my hair or I need to wrap them around too many times for a simple pony-tail.

I am a pony-tail and bun kinda gal and I need a good hair elastic in order to get through life!  I am so happy that I found these little beauties!   I can't believe I have lived this many years (not gonna tell ya' how many) without them.  If you have thick, heavy, or curly hair, or know someone who does, you need Burlybands!


My Favorite Hair Brush: A Wooden One!

Wood Bristles Hair Brush

By Bass

I just love this Wooden hair brush by Bass.  It stimulates the scalp as you brush, doesn't heat up the hair causing breakage, and helps distribute your natural oils along the hair shaft.   It feels really good when I use it and it is so relaxing!  My kids even love it and have all asked for their own Wooden brushes for Christmas!  Who would've thought, right?

I didn't even know that they made wooden hair brushes until I found a great You Tube channel called, Holisichabits.  Below is her video where she talks about using a wooden hair brush for long hair, check it out!


So what do you think?  Any of my favorite things gonna become your favorite things?  Which of these things would you like to give as a gift this holiday season? 


Leave a comment below!

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♥ Read last months post here: 

Oils, Tinctures, and Books, Oh! My!, My Favorite Things for November.


*This post contains affiliate links.  For more information, please see my full Disclosure Policy.


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