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Rejuvenate Yourself From Stress! ‘Happy Mom’ Box Week #1

Day #1 of the Happy Mom Box Exercise


Today I pulled out of my little happy mom box the awesome fortune: “shave your legs or have your legs waxed”. And they do indeed need shaving, or waxing! Funny thing, too, that I pulled THAT out of my box because I had a dream that I was telling a friend of mine that the hair on my legs really only grows on the front of my shins. I proceeded to show him the hairless back of my leg and then I turned it over to reveal a super hairy 'landing strip' of hair going up my shin! My shin was like twice as hairy in my dream as it is in real life! Crazy that I pulled out “shave your legs” today, because clearly I was already subconsciously thinking I needed to do that.

I do need to mention, however, that I prefer waxing to shaving, but I have found with children that I cannot always go to the spa to get waxed. If you, on the other hand, have the ability to go to the spa and get your legs waxed this week, I would recommend it over shaving any day.
I am actually going to do this today during my shower.

To recap:

  • My happy mom box activity for this week is to, “shave my legs or have my legs waxed”.
  • I am going to accomplish this today, Monday, during my shower.

So, ladies, if you haven’t done so already, please pick an activity out of your happy mom box, or you may follow along with me and “shave your legs or get your legs waxed”.  Remember to schedule in time this week to do the happy activity that you picked and rest assured that you are taking some time to take care of yourself. Then share with us what you picked and when you scheduled it in! Let’s keep in touch throughout the week and share how it’s going. 

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Happy shaving! Cheers!


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Mozey is a mother of four and a wife of twelve years. She enjoys making awesome DIY skincare concoctions and healthy home remedies. When She is not breast-feeding, changing diapers, or doing chores, she is usually talking to other moms about breast-feeding, poop, and how to get your kids to do chores!


  1. Mozey

    Hi Ladies! Who knew that a simple little hair removal would do wonders for my mood?!! Estheticians, that’s who! LOL…no, but really…

    It is amazing how taking care of oneself by doing something simple and easy, like shaving or waxing a part of your body that is hairy (or whatever floats your boat) can lift your spirits for the whole day!

    I hope you all had a wonderful day!


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