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Pregnant Belly Dance, Tango, and Yoga…Week #3 of The Happy Mom Box

Week #3 of the Happy Mom Box Challenge!


Mesmerizing pregnant Belly Dance,Tango, and Yoga Videos, as well as, two Mommy and Me videos!


I love dancing, yoga, and most forms of exercising…but I often find that I don’t do these things that I love because I have dishes to do, laundry to fold, or a toilet to clean.  I get caught up in the day-to-day baby care and needs of all my children.  I forget to take care of my need to exercise, and more importantly for me, my need to dance.

Today, I reached into my Happy Mom Box and pulled out:

“Do 15-20 Minutes of dancing, yoga, or

your favorite form of exercise.”


New Here?  Check out what the Happy Mom Box Challenge is here and join us!


Exercise is actually a really hard thing for me to schedule in.  I always find that something gets in the way.  So, I am going to schedule this into my week with both a plan A, and a plan B.  I love workout DVD's, so both my plans incorporate them, but you can always go to a class, workout on your own, or go to the gym.  Whatever works for you!

  • Plan A: I am going to do 20 minutes of one of the BellyFit  DVD's, Air, on Tuesday or Thursday during my daughter’s 1st or 2nd nap.  (Scroll down for more information on this DVD set).
  • Plan B: I am going to do 20 minutes of Baby and Me Yoga on Tuesday or Thursday if my daughter is awake. (One of the videos below).

I am going to give myself some leeway on this weeks challenge,  because I find that it is easier to workout if the baby is asleep and the other kids are occupied, but that is not always easy to achieve!  That is why I have scheduled Plans A and B.  Since I have not yet developed an exercise practice since the birth of my fourth child, fitting this in is going to be a bit of a challenge.

If you are following along and you are pregnant, the prenatal yoga DVD that I used during my pregnancy and recommend was, Gaiam Prenatal Yoga: Mind * Body * Health by Shiva Rae.

If you are like me, post-baby, the dancing exercise DVD that I am going to use for my workout this week is the DVD, "Air", from the BellyFit Elements 5 DVD Set, by Alice Bracegirdle.  I absolutely LOVE this DVD set because it is a great combination of belly dance, African dance, yoga, Indian dance, bollywood, and aerobics.  It is so fun!

Both of these DVD's are available in my Shop.

Here are a few videos from YouTube.com that I found to be really inspiring. 


The first three are of amazing pregnant women.  An incredible prenatal yoga flow with Summer Huntington.  A beautiful pregnant belly dance, performed by a dear friend of mine, Mira Betz.  And two of my favorite tango dancers, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, dancing a gorgeous tango, and she is of course, pregnant.

Following those are two videos of fun workouts to do with your baby or toddler.  I am definitely going to try both!  The first, a Mommy and Me class with Molly Sims and Tom's of Maine, and the second, a great Mommy and Toddler workout with Carlie Stylez.  I think both my kids, my baby and my 4 year old, are gonna really enjoy the Mommy and Me workouts!

These videos are purely for your enjoyment and inspiration.  Please consult your doctor before doing any new workout or exercise routine. 

If you are following along with me, schedule in 15-20 minutes to do your favorite form of exercising.  If you are picking out your own Happy Mom box activity, make a commitment of when you are going to accomplish it and share with me what it is!  Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

What is your favorite form(s) of exercise? Do you struggle to find time to exercise? Leave a comment below!


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Happy Mom Boxes!

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