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How To Put Your Long Hair In A Bun Without Using Anything! | Tips & Tricks Tuesday Ep. #3

The longer your hair the easier it is to do this look, but even with shorter hair, variations can be achieved.

If you have long hair, but hate putting it up using a bunch of bobby pins, hair ties, hair picks, or hair combs, this might just be something you could rock!

This simple trick to put your hair up in a bun without using anything is something that I discovered when my hair was down to the middle of my thigh in high school.  My hair was just too long and thick to be held up by the normal hair tie, scrunchy, or dozen bobby pins.

I do usually add a hair pick, hair stick, or even a ball point pen or two to keep it up, but if I do it right, this bun will stay all by itself--for awhile.

Give it a try and leave me a comment as to how it worked for you?  Is your hair long enough to try this trick?

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