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How To Braid Your Hair In A Ponytail Braid | Long Hair Hair Tutorial #2

Per request, I have made a video of how to braid your own hair into a ponytail braid!

An English ponytail braid is a simple braid to do and an important style to know how to do, as it is the basis for many other hairstyles and braids.

If you haven't seen my first hair braiding tutorial, How To Braid Your Own Hair | Long Hair Hair Tutorial #1, you can click on the title here or check it out in the description below the video on YouTube.

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How To Do A Braided Bun

Braided Bun

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p.s.  If there is a braid that you would like me to do a video on, please leave me a comment below, way-way-way below!  Or in the comment section of the video.  I will do my best to honor your request.

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