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How I Used The Konmari Method To Declutter My Clothes

Wow, decluttering my clothes using the KonMari method was a great way to get in touch with myself and in doing so, it was life-changing.

It is so easy, as moms, to get trapped in the yoga pants and T-shirt routine because we are a walking napkin to our little ones, but it is vitally essential to be more than that!

Or, at least don the yoga pants with style, right?

I documented the process on YouTube so that I could share it with you guys and, because, at the end of this series, I want to be able to look back and see how far I've come.

My video is at the end of this post.

My Belts Organized

If you have never heard of the KonMari Method before let me tell you a little bit about her book and method.

If you are already familiar with her, please feel free to scroll down to read about my personal process and see my video.

The KonMari Method is a method of decluttering developed by Marie Kondo, a Japanese Organizational Consultant and author of the best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. 



In her book, Kondo explains two distinct differences using her method vs. another:

  1. When deciding whether to keep, donate, or toss an item, one need only ask oneself this question: does the item, "Spark Joy?"
  2. You declutter by category rather than by room.

I didn't even have the book when I started because I had to order it from the Library.

When it finally came, I read it in about four days.

My socks folded instead of balled.

The first category is clothes. 

If you read my last post in December, you know that my two goals for the end of 2016 before the new year were to:

  • Declutter me and my four children's clothes.
  • Reorganize my storage according to the Konmari method categories for the ease of future decluttering.

I am happy to report to that I have finished both of those goals! 

The first goal of decluttering everyone's clothing was completed on New Year's Eve!  

And my husband and I reorganized our storage, with the help of our friend, according to the KonMari Method categories--

  1. clothes
  2. books
  3. paper
  4. kimono
  5. sentimental items

That was so cool and it gave both my husband and I an amazing feeling to organize our storage this way (let me know if you would like to know more about this process).

My Decluttering Journey

I first put all my clothes on my bed, and then went through them one at a time, asking myself, "Does this spark joy?"  I felt a bit silly, but I kept going.

I thought I would have a hard time and end up crying and get all emotional, but I really didn't have that experience.  As it turned out a lot of my clothes sparked joy until I got to my everyday mom uniform and maternity underwear I was still wearing!  (My youngest daughter is now 20 months).

Out of 14 pairs of underwear, only 5 sparked joy.  I knew what I needed for Christmas!

And the stained and holy shirts that I'd been living in, definitely had to go--only one problem--they "sparked joy!"  They "sparked joy" because they were comfortable, but I knew that I should let them go because they were damaged.

I had some decisions to make and I was confronted with another question, one that I hadn't anticipated:

"Who do I want to be?"

Not only did I have to ask myself if the item that I was holding, with its stains from coffee and lanolin cream, "spark joy?", but did it resonate with me?

I had to get real deep.

This process brought up more than just the occasional memory about when I fit into those size 0 jeans, it brought me face to face with the fact that for the last 12+ years, me was kinda lost behind those yoga pants and coffee stained T-shirts, even though I cherished every ounce of coffee that made them.

So, I went with it and I got it together.

I turned to YouTube and found some other awesome women who were not letting themselves get lost behind the banana slime and cheerios!  I watched video after video about creating a "mom wardrobe" that was not only functional but also had style!

I watched a bunch of Lauren Messiah, personal stylist, videos and learned what my "style" was and how to make it work for my body type (she's great, by the way! )

By going through this process and coming out the other end a more confident, stylish, and put-together feeling mom, I would definitely say that it was life-changing.

Have you tried the KonMari method yet?   Are you searching for your "style" or do you already have yours defined?  Leave a comment below.  I LOVE hearing from you!


My Style Inspirations

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