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Homemade Coconut Vanilla Salt Scrub Recipe and Week #2 of The Happy Mom Box!

Today is Week #2 of the

Happy Mom box activity.


If you are new here, you can see what all the fun is about by visiting the Happy Mom Box page!

Today I pulled out of my Happy Mom box,

“Make a homemade salt scrub and use it in the shower”.

So, I did and I decided to share the recipe I made today with all of you!  It is super easy to make and just smells so good, edible in fact!

(You can click on any of the highlighted ingredients to see what brand I recommend)

Coconut Vanilla Salt Scrub


The ingredients.
The ingredients.

1 clean glass jar or container of your choice with a lid.
Sea Salt
Virgin Coconut Oil

Vanilla Essential Oil

Mix together the ingredients.
Mix together the sea salt and coconut oil.

1.  Mix equal amounts sea salt with coconut oil, stir until well combined.
2.  Add a few drops of Vanilla Essential oil, until desired fragrance is obtained.

add the vanilla.
Add the vanilla essential oil.

How to Use

Use a spoonful or two of the salt scrub, massaging it into the skin using a circular motion.  I like to use my salt scrub in the shower because it is messy, but you could also use it in the tub.  Be careful because the tub gets slippery!  I usually throw a wash cloth on the floor of the shower to stand on and this keeps me from slipping and falling.  Make sure that you wash the shower floor after you are done and before anyone else uses the shower to prevent them from falling!

To recap:

I made this salt scrub this morning and used it in the shower.  It was delightful and my skin feels so silky smooth!

What is your favorite recipe for a salt scrub? What essential oils do you like to use?


If you are following along with me, great!  If you are picking out your own personal Happy Mom box activity, do so and share with us what you picked, either here in the comments section below or on my Facebook page.

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Happy Mom Boxes!

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