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Funny Honey

About a week ago my husband had a coffee flavored Kombucha in one of those cool brown bottles with the cork style lids on a fancy hinge—like on a wide-mouthed jar.


Naturally when he finished he set the bottle on his bedside table and being the good little housewife that I am, I left it there.

The next night, we were watching a movie in our bedroom and the bottle was still sitting there. He reached over and not thinking, uncorked it and took a sip!

“Ewww…that’s not fresh!” he said, making a super sour face as he re-corked it and placed it back on his nightstand.

We finished watching the movie.

The next night, I kid you not, we were hanging out and he reached over for the second time, uncorked it and took another sip!!!

“Ugh! I did it again!!!”

Meanwhile I am laughing my ass off and wondering how many nights he is gonna do this before he figures out to just get rid of the damn thing!

The next night I decide to play a little trick on him—I am starting to feel sorry for him, too…so, instead of kindly removing the foul old Kombucha bottle I decided to help him out and label it.  Of course I forgot to label it earlier in the day and didn’t remember until he was coming through the door downstairs, so I quickly scribbled down the words on a piece of torn lined paper,

“Drink Me! I’m yummy! Mmm…”

Then I couldn’t find any tape ’cause my kids used it all probably trying to tape up the cat! I quickly affixed the label with the first thing I could find…

the sticky side of a lint roller sheet,  set down the bottle, and said,

“Hi, Honey!”  with a smile, as he walked up the stairs and gave me a kiss.

It didn’t take him that long to notice the bottle with the paper taped to it with a big lint roller sheet…he picked it up, read it and started laughing! Thankfully, he knew better and returned it to his bedside table.

And there, my friends, it still sits…


Well, tonight’s another night! He he he he

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