10 months ago

Diaper Pins & Cloth Diaper Trick | Tips & Tricks Tuesday Ep. #2

In this video, I share a nifty little trick that I have used to make using cloth diapers a lot easier!

Do you use cloth diapers?

If so, then you will be able to relate to this…

It is so hard to get the dang diaper pins in the cloth diaper!  Am I right?

This trick was passed down to me by my mother, and I have used it ever since.

Watch the video and share it with other cloth-diapering mamas, who may be struggling with the pins.

Thanks for watching, liking, and sharing!


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Mozey is a mother of four and a wife of twelve years. She enjoys making awesome DIY skincare concoctions and healthy home remedies. When She is not breast-feeding, changing diapers, or doing chores, she is usually talking to other moms about breast-feeding, poop, and how to get your kids to do chores!

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