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Dear Mozey, Will My Friends Support Me, If I…

Dear Mozey,

I want to start a Facebook group of my closest friends and family to help me with my weight-loss goals.  Do you think that my friends would think that was selfish or needy?


Dear Samantha,

First, congratulations on setting goals for losing weight! It takes determination and perseverance to set any goal and see it through. Second, I think that a Facebook group is an excellent idea because it is a way that your friends and family can support and encourage you. Third, and probably the most important, is that by putting your goal out there for all to see it keeps you accountable. If you tell people, that your goal is to consume fewer calories and to work out 3x/week, I guarantee you will do your best to meet that goal. It is easier to say to ourselves, “oh, I can do that tomorrow” and procrastinate when we only have to answer to ourselves, but when your whole Facebook group knows about it, our sense of accountability increases.

As to whether or not your friends are going to think you are selfish or needy, I would certainly hope not! Explain to your friends and family that you are making this group to help keep you accountable for your weight-loss goals and that if they don’t want to be part of it for whatever reason they are more than welcome to leave the group, no hurt feelings. I have found that a lot of women love to give support and encouragement for their friends. Those who stay will be the ones that you find are the best cheerleaders!

Good luck!


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