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Dairy-Free Yams with Marshmallows and Toasted Pecans



There is nothing quite like the sweet and savory yam with toasted marshmallow dish, but for years I could not enjoy it because I am allergic to cow's milk, and the traditional recipe is loaded with butter and cream! 

Finally, last year I came up with an alternative that is so scrum-ditily-umptious, I just have to share it with you...

It is really easy to prepare, especially if you own a pressure cooker, but if you don't there are instructions for the stove top method, as well.

Here are the instructions, which you can print out, followed by a photo gallery of the steps.
Hope you enjoy!

Dairy-Free Yams with Marshmallows and Toasted Pecans

Dairy-Free Yams with Marshmallows and Toasted Pecans


    For The Yams
  • 4 ½ lbs. Organic Yams, washed, peeled, and cut into 1 in. chunks
  • 1 C water for pressure cooker (or for stove top method, enough water to just barely touch the steamer basket)
  • For The Sauce
  • ½ C dairy-free buttery spread. My favorite is Earth Balance Organic Buttery Spread.
  • 2/3 C whole coconut milk (chilled in the fridge 1-2 days so that the cream rises to the top and the has the consistency of whipping cream. Do NOT mix the water with the cream).
  • 2 T pure organic maple syrup
  • ¼ tsp. organic ground nutmeg
  • 1 tsp. sea salt. I love Himala Himalayan Sea Salt!
  • For The Topping
  • 2-3 C tiny marshmallows, or homemade
  • ¼ C organic pecan halves, toasted


    SERVINGS PER RECIPE: 8 (½ C) servings
    PREP TIME: 10 minutes
    COOKING TIME: Varies depending upon cooking method you choose, either pressure cooker or stove top method, but approximately, 25-65 minutes in total.
    STEP 1—Pressure cook or steam the yams.
    (Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific pressure cooker. To see which pressure cooker I use and love, click here).
  1. Place washed, peeled, and chopped yams in steamer in pressure cooker (either in flying saucer steamer or a steamer basket on a trivet).
  2. Pour 1 C water over yams
  3. Oil gasket in lid of pressure cooker, place inside lid.
  4. Place lid on pressure cooker, lock, and select the level for 15 lbs. of pressure on the pressure cooker. For my pressure cooker, that is level two.
  5. Bring up to pressure on high heat, once at pressure start timer for 6 minutes and lower heat to simmer, adjusting heat if necessary to keep at pressure the entire time (a slow steady stream of steam should be coming out of the vent the whole time). Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for your pressure cooker!
  6. While the yams are cooking, go to Step 2--Toast the Pecans.
  7. When timer is done, turn off heat, turn on cold water in sink and using pot holders, hold pressure cooker under cold running water until pressure releases (this is the “quick pressure release method”). Watch for escaping steam when pressure goes down and be aware that the cold water flowing over the lid will get hot from the hot pot! Then place back on stove, unlock, and tilting lid away from you, remove the lid.
  8. Proceed to Step 3.
  9. STOVE TOP METHOD—Steam the yams.
    1. Add steamer basket to pot and add enough water to just barely touch the bottom of your steamer basket.
    2. Place washed, peeled, and chopped yams in steamer basket in pot.
    3. Cover and bring to a boil.
    4. Reduce heat to simmer and steam yams for approximately 45 minutes or until fork tender.
    5. While yams are steaming, go to Step 2—Toast Pecans.
    STEP 2--Toast Pecans
    1. While yams are steaming, toast pecan halves in a small skillet over medium-high heat for 1-2 minutes until browned, but not burnt. Set aside in a bowl to cool.
    STEP 3--Make Sauce
    1. Let yams cool slightly and then mash in a large bowl.
    2. In a small saucepan combine buttery spread and the separated coconut cream (carefully spoon out the coconut cream, leaving the coconut water in the bottom of the can--DO NOT mix in the coconut water); cook over medium heat until mixture comes to a simmer.
    3. Fold sauce into yams along with the maple syrup, nutmeg, and 1 tsp. salt.
    4. Transfer to a 2 qt. baking dish.
    STEP 4--Baking
    1. Preheat oven to 450° F.
    2. Sprinkle marshmallows on yams.
    3. Bake, uncovered, 12-15 minutes or until marshmallows are golden brown.
    4. Sprinkle evenly with the toasted pecans. As you can see in our picture below, not everyone in my family likes pecans! It's O.K. to be creative with the pecans!
    This recipe may be chilled for up to 24 hours before baking. If chilled, then reheating instructions are as follows:
    1. Preheat oven to 350° F.
    2. Bake chilled casserole, covered, for 55 minutes, without marshmallows!
    3. Then, increase oven temperature to 450° F, uncover, and proceed with the “baking” directions above.
  10. ENJOY!
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Here is a photo gallery of the steps:

Photo credits:
All photos in this gallery, except the "Finished dish", are courtesy of Patricia Craven.
The "Finished dish" is courtesy of Dennis McNeel.

Let me know how it turns out for you in the
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Dig in!  My family did! 

Dig in!
Photo Credit: Dennis McNeel


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