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Amazing Natural Oil For Relieving Dandruff & Itchy Scalp! | Tips & Tricks Tuesday #4

Almost a year ago, my scalp was really itchy from all the chlorine in the tap water that I was showering with.  Amazingly, I do not have a water filter on my shower head, although I recently found out that they do make them!

Anyway, I had read a lot about Neem oil being used to treat all sorts of skin ailments, two of which are dry, itchy scalp, and dandruff.

I also have noticed over the years that neem oil, Azadirachta indica, is in many many hair and skin formulas, most notably ones that are made to relieve dandruff, dry skin, and acne.

I decided to order some from Amazon and give it a try.

Another great healing benefit that I had read about in a book called Holistic Dental Care, by Nadine Artemis, is that neem oil is good for dental problems as well.

I have not tried it on my teeth yet, but I have tried it on my scalp, as a spot treatment for acne, and to relieve dry, itchy feet.

After I received it in the mail, I applied it to my itchy scalp that night and showered as normal in the morning.  After my shower, my scalp felt great and I went about my day, half expecting the itchiness to return once my hair dried.  it took me a long while to realize that my itchy scalp was completely gone!  I didn't realize how well it had worked right away because I wasn't being bothered by my itchy scalp!

What Is Neem Oil?

Neem oil comes from the Neem Tree and has antibacterial and anti-viral properties (Winter, Ruth).  It is also loaded with essential fatty acids that help to heal the skin.

So, This week's tip for you all is how I use Neem oil to relieve dandruff and itchy scalp.

Simple Treatment

Just apply it to your fingertips and massage into your scalpleave on overnight and shampoo in the morning, just like I did last year.


I have not had to repeat the treatment yet, but I am curious when I will have to, as there is still chlorine in my tap water, amongst other chemicals that continue to dry out my skin and hair.

I hope you enjoy this week's video where I share with you the brand that I have tried and been enjoying so far.

Here are links to the products in the video.  The books are each about $13 (unless you buy used or can find them at your local library) and the Neem Oil is $8 for a 1 oz. bottle:

And here is a filtering shower head system that looks great, is only about $40, and had lots of great reviews!  It won't fit on my shower apparatus, unfortunately, but maybe it will fit yours...

Thanks for watching and reading!

Do you deal with dandruff or dry, itchy scalp?

Do you filter your shower/bath water?

Leave a comment below!



*Medical Disclaimer: The information in this post is intended for educational purposes only and is not medical advice.

*The links in this post are affiliate links.  For more information, please read my full Disclosure Policy.  Thanks!


A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients: Complete Information About The Harmful and Desireable Ingredients Found in cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals, 7th Edition, 2009, by Ruth Winter, M.S.

Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide To Healthy Teeth and Gums, 2013, by Nadine Artemis


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