About Me

Mozey and her son Tallah

Hi, I’m Mozey!  The wife of Mike and the mother of four wild children, Chance, Kali, Tallah, and May.

I have been breast-feeding since 2004...one might say I have a Masters in breastfeeding!  But my biggest accomplishment has been motherhood.  I have had four natural births: one water birth, one birthing center birth, one hospital birth, and one home-birth.  I would not be the woman I am today if it weren’t for my four beautiful children and caring, patient hubby. Through becoming a mother, I have learned more about myself and relationships than through any other means, and I am truly grateful for this gift.

Mozey with daughter May.

I am also an esthetician by trade and I love DIY skincare!  One of my favorite pastimes is DIY food facials

I believe in the healing power of food, herbs, and aromatherapy.  Where many have over-the-counter pharmaceuticals in their medicine cabinets, I have herbal tinctures, essential oils, and healing foods.


Mozey. Photo taken by my hubby, Mike.

About this blog


This blog is about my journey into holistic parenthood and my day to day successes and failures as a mom who strives to have a healthy and balanced life with a husband and children. I hope for this blog to be a resource to moms who are looking for answers/advice on holistic parenting topics, such as breastfeeding, co-sleeping, natural childbirth, and for information on natural health, beauty, and home products.


Mozey and her wonderful big sis, Jody Cheyanne.

What I love


I love dancing and yoga!  Belly dancing, tango, and yoga are my favorite.  My husband and my children…seeing them smile is always the best! Helping people find answers, that really gets me going!  Submit a question to my Dear Mozey column for an answer to your question.  It's like dear Abby, but for moms!  I hope that I can help you find the knowledge you seek with some laughter on the way!

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