7 months ago

A Minute For Mom | Yoga Belly Dance

So often, us moms neglect ourselves, skip our workouts, opt not to take that bath with our relaxing candles, essential oils, and music...

We have to squeeze those self-loving moments in somehow...

Because it is just as important to take care of ourselves as it is to care for everyone else, for a happy mom makes a happy home, right?

Here, in this video, I took a moment for me--amidst the toddler climbing over the furniture, the kindergartener watching cartoons, the clutter, the chores still needing to be done...

Nothing fancy--I am not a yogini, nor a belly dance superstar...

Just a mom, trying to find space, to make the time, not to lose myself.


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Mozey is a mother of four and a wife of twelve years. She enjoys making awesome DIY skincare concoctions and healthy home remedies. When She is not breast-feeding, changing diapers, or doing chores, she is usually talking to other moms about breast-feeding, poop, and how to get your kids to do chores!

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