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6 Ways To Remember Which Side You Last Nursed On

mom_nursing_baby_looking_up_in_black_and_whiteHave you ever been nursing, fallen asleep, woken up, changed a diaper, and then gotten ready to nurse your baby again, but you just can’t remember what side you were on?!  We all know as breastfeeding mothers that if we nurse twice on one side and skip a feeding on the other that it can lead to engorgement, which we try to prevent like a tantrum in a toy store! Here are six different ideas of how to keep track of which side to nurse on next:

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1.  Use a safety pin or hair clip and pin or clip it to your shirt/bra on the side that you finish on. When it is time to nurse, simply start on the side with the pin.

A woman smiling with her hair up in a messy bun held up by a pink scrunchie.

2.  Use a scrunchie or a hair tie and put it on the wrist of the side that you are nursing on.  When it is time to nurse again, start on the same side as the scrunchie, thus ensuring the emptying of the breast.

3.  Use a Milk Bands Nursing Bracelet Basically, it is a special bracelet to help you keep track of which side you nursed on last.  I have never tried it, but considering how tired I am and forgetful with number four, maybe now is the time!

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4.  Use an App! Yes, in this day and age there is an app for everything including breastfeeding! There are several apps available where you can track a baby’s feeding schedule, sleeping schedule, and diapers. But specifically for tracking which side to breastfeed on, I found Baby Daybook—Daily Tracker by DrillyApps, Breastfeeding by WhisperArts, and BabyCare-Log and Tracker by bingzer. 

To see my review of these three apps, check out my post,

"Which side am I on? 3 Apps to Help You Track Your Breastfeeding".

My problem has always been that when trying to use one of the above methods, I simply forgot to switch the pin, or move the scrunchie, or enter the data, thus negating their usefulness. So, I have come up with a couple of tried and true ways for me to remember which side to nurse on next:

Mom nursing baby while looking down at her baby. Black and white photo.

5.  The “Milk Check”: With my free hand I simply lift each breast and see which one feels heavier or firmer, thus having more milk within, that is the breast to start nursing on. The only problem with this method is that it's a little awkward in public. One must be really discreet when using this method.

6.  The “Leaking” method: Sometimes it is very obvious which breast is ready to go next, because it just starts leaking like a faucet! This method works well except for when the milk lets down simultaneously, and both sides start leaking!  Unless you have twins, or are tandem nursing, you can only choose one breast to feed from...that’s when it’s a good idea to go back to number five and implement the “Milk Check”, but… discreetly…although, if your shirt is soaked from your breasts leaking, I think we can both safely agree that discretion is kind of out the window.  Maybe YOUR leaking breasts aren’t noticeable because you wore breast pads, and may I just say, "fist bump" (because I am just that cool).

What nifty tricks do you employ when trying to remember which side to nurse on next? As well as the little things, like what day it is and when the last time you brushed your teeth was?


I ALWAYS brush my teeth twice a day!

And my usual response is, “Wednesday”.


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  1. I am always taking my scrunchies off or playing with my jewelry… I have a feeling that when we do have kiddos I will have a horrible time remembering! Thanks for the tips… can’t wait to see what you link up tomorrow at the all new Welcome Home Wednesdays!

    1. Mozey

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post! I, too have a hard time remembering, that’s why I always do the “milk check”! So glad you found it helpful. I love your link-up, Welcome Home Wednesdays! Such an awesome idea. 🙂


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