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15 Fun Kid Activities To Do On Winter Break!

Today is officially the first day of my kids holiday break.  I have been eagerly anticipating it, NOT!   Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but if your kids are anything like mine, full of energy, you probably have been dreading the break and wondering what the heck you are gonna do with them for 16 days?  Well, I decided to turn to the internet this year and I have found 15 fun kid activities that we are gonna try. Actually, number eight, we tried today and it was super fun!

Hopefully this list will help you answer the question/statement,

“Moooooom, I’m sooo booooooored!?”

My kids are 4, 8, and 11 years.  Big age range, so it is tough finding something for everyone.  My goal this year is to provide an activity that we can do each day that I can tailor to peak the interest for each one of my kids.  I also have a 6 month old, but she doesn’t get “bored” yet, thank goodness! 

I know that my kids will still get bored, as I have not collected enough activities to entertain them for 256 hours (16 hours per day X 16 days), but at least we will do something fun together each day, providing some good memories.  Good luck and let me know how it goes for your family!

There are seven Christmas activities to do leading up to Christmas—I like themed activities—followed by 9 just plain fun kid activities! 

Plus a bonus resource at the end, for even more activities, that I find helpful.

  1. Make orange and clove pomanders from Eclectically Vintage.

2. Make real Hot Cocoa! 

I like to use Equal Exchange Baking Cocoa, then I can add the sweetener and milk of my choice since we do not use cane sugar or cow dairy in our hot cocoa.  Give it a try!  Do you need a recipe?  Ask me for one in the Comments section below!

3.  Make Santa salt dough ornaments from Meaningful Mama.

4.  Go on a Christmas lights tour!

xmas lights
Photo Credit: Chad Sparkes via Compfight cc

5.  Have a Christmas movie night or marathon! 


Here are three of my favorite Christmas movies that you can either rent or buy and watch instantly through Amazon Instant Video:

6.  Make a cranberry and popcorn garland! 


Here is a great video by Howcast on You Tube.

7.  Bake Christmas Cookies!

There are so many great cookie recipes out there, but this year I want to try Melted Snowman Cookies by Angela Gray on Just a Pinch Recipes.

8.  Make a spider web out of painter’s tape and see how many “bugs” it can catch!  From Hands On As We Grow.

We tried this today and it was super fun!  My 4 year old loved it the best and was entertained for about an hour.  When the big kids got home from school, they too played with it for about 20 minutes.

9.  Indoor hopscotch made from painter’s tape from Totally Tots.

I especially love this version that goes from 10-20 to help little ones learn the teens, which are always a bit harder.  So fun!

10.  Make and play the Frozen fortune teller game from Family.disney.com. Get instructions here.

11.  Make cute little soaps from

Our Best Bites.

This is a super fun recipe where you first make “Soap Clouds” and then turn the clouds into shaped little soaps!

12. Play with Water Marbles!


Also known as water beads used by florists.  I am totally gonna have to buy these and try this activity from Just another Day in Paradise at www.zitzmanfam.blogspot.com with my kids.

Check out this brand of Water Beads or look for them in my SHOP under Arts, Crafts, & Games.

13.  Make Balloon rockets from

Discover Explore Learn.

14.  Let the kids Go Camping in a tent in the Living room, complete with a DIY Campfire!

From The Stay-At-Home-Mom Survival Guide.

15.  Build a snowman or play in the snow!

Can't play outdoors, or don't have any snow, here are some indoor snow ideas from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Bonus:  Here are some bonus kid activities if you’re kids like printables, like coloring pages, activity pages, holiday word searches, etc...

Head on over to www.FamilyEducation.com.  They make printable activity pages and sometimes books for the holidays.  You can download or print out lots of activity pages for Christmas, Hannukkah, or Kwanzaa.


What activities do you like to do with your kids during the holiday break?  Which ones are your favorites?  Please leave a comment below and share with your friends!


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